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  List of Previous CPVY Trainings and Presenters 

2005 - Keynote: Motivational speaker- Christine Holton-Cashen
          Dr. P. Rich, - Sexual offending treatment for adolescents
          Dr. Carroll Shall- Autism services for children
          Therese Wolf - Permanency planning in foster care

2006 - Keynote: John Foppe, MSW - "What's Your Excuse? Making The Most Of What You Have"
          Keynote:  J. Patrick Silfka -Internet Safety and Substance Abuse treatment 

2007 - Keynote: Dave Peltzer - Author of "The Boy called It" 
          Keynote: Peter Sheras Ph.D - Bullies, Victims and Bystanders: The Impact on Children and

2008 - Keynote: Patrick J. Carnes, PH.D. "Bargains with Chaos" 
          Part 1:  "Cybersex: Compulsive Sex on the Internet as a Problem for Everyone" 
          Part 2:  "Care for the Caregiver: Recovery Zone and the Professional"  

2009 - Keynote: Dr. Don Bartlett "Finding Light in the Darkness"

2010 - Keynote:  Don Rimer "The Evolution of Gangs, Rituals, and the Occult

2011 - Keynote:  Father Greg Boyle - Tattoos on the Heart: Gang Prevention and Rehabilitation

2012 - Keynote:  Dr. Dale Henry - Glad to the Bone

2013 - Keynote:  Charlie Appelstein, MSW 
          "No Such Thing as a Bad Kid - The Power of a Strength-Based Approach in Reshaping
           the Lives of At-Risk Children and Youth"

2014 - Dr. Lonise Bias
           "The Best is Yet to Come:  New Solutions to Old Problems"
2015 -  Ron Culberson – Do It Well, Make It Fun!
2016 - Rekindling the Fire - Jack McCall
2017-  William Kellibrew, IV: Supporting Resiliency in Families